Please note, I’m using viewer 2 so that I can wear layers of clothing more than once.

Hair: Vivid in Blonde 01 by Elikatira
Eyes: Eyes Nature in Cosmos Wind by MADesigns
Eyelashes: kiKi by Dutch Touch
Skin: Nellie (03) in Fair by LAQ
Nails: Nail Colour Tragic by Tres Blah

Sweater: Knit Sweater in Military by Fishy Strawberry
Tank: Sheer Ribbed Tank in Beige by Armidi
Skirt: Denim Skirt in Palette #03 by Emery
Tights: Sheer Low Cut Leggings by Nayar
Belt: Mikoto Belt in Brown by Mandala
Boots: Olea Boots in Worn by Surf Couture

Poses: from So Many Styles

*Slurls should be correct at the time of writing this post.

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5 Responses to “Pyro”

  1. Tristan Elan Says:

    Love it! but KoL?? ;)

  2. Milla Michinaga Says:

    Don’t you dare hate on my Kings ;)

  3. Aislynne Melnik Says:

    How exactly do you wear the layers of clothing more than one? I’m using phoenix and I’m trying to see how to do that exactly …

  4. Milla Michinaga Says:

    Aislynne, in viewer 2 you have the option to either Wear or Add when you right-click an item in Inventory. By choosing Add you place that item on top of what you’re already wearing on that layer. I’ve never used Phoenix so I’m afraid don’t know if or how it works on it. I hope that helps. :)

  5. Aislynne Melnik Says:

    Ohhhhh it figures! I guess I’ll have to switch cuz I LOVE the ability to add on to the same layer!